Responsible Tourism Awards matter – apply for yourself or encourage others


A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the remarkable winners of the first Irish Responsible Tourism Awards – part of the family of World Responsible Tourism Awards. Today the longlist  for the Africa Responsible Tourism Awards is published and the judges begin their work.

Like the World Responsible Tourism Awards, the Irish and African awards are both part of the family of awards that were established to showcase those businesses and other tourism organisations which are, actively and demonstrably, taking responsibility for making tourism better.

The winners, and so many more on the longlists, demonstrate that they care for the people and the environment that create the destination of which their business is a part. The businesses acknowledged in the awards are those who contribute to making better places for people to live in, knowing that great places to live in are great places to visit.

The Responsible Tourism Awards matter because they recognise those who have gone the extra mile to create great products and experiences that make for better tourism: tourism that’s better for the local community, better for their natural and cultural environment, and better services and experiences for the holidaymakers and guests. Those who are recognised gain profile and media attention, are enthused to do more. We hope that others are inspired and motivated to do more themselves.

Think you know of someone who deserves to win an Award? Send them an email or a Tweet using the buttons on the Responsible Tourism Awards submissions page to encourage them to take part.

Proud of what you and your business do? Go to the submissions page and complete the form.

The deadline for nominations is 20th April – so please act now


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Harold is Professor of Responsible Tourism at Manchester Metropolitan University, where he teaches and researches in the Centre for Responsible Tourism. Harold researches on tourism, local economic development and poverty reduction, conservation and responsible tourism and teaches Masters and PhD students. as well as the industry, local communities, governments, and conservationists. Harold also undertakes consultancy and evaluations for companies, NGOs, governments, and international organisations. He is also a Director of the International Centre for Responsible Tourism which he founded in 2002 and which promotes the principles of the Cape Town Declaration.

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